About us

Baby Essentials SL is a Spanish company that manufactures baby strollers and childcare and maternity products, and is formed by the brands Shom and BabyAce. It is headquartered in Castellón and exports to other European countries.

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“Motherhood is feeling, closeness, skin to skin, dedication. It is an accumulation of sensations where there is no room to worry about anything but your baby.

Baby Essentials was born with the aim of creating products that are the ideal complement in your walks, that think of you and your child’s comfort and allow you to enjoy the most essential thing: your baby”.

Marcela De Hoyo, Founder of Baby Essentials SL

Our history


Baby Essentials SL was born and since then it has been the official distributor of the BabyAce and BabyLuxe brands in Spain.


The Concilia Foundation is born, creating a socially responsible company.


The company strengthens its position in the sector with the launch of its own brand, Shom.

At present

In the process of expanding international sales, the company has a varied catalog of products related to the well-being of children.

Galician designer Roberto Verino, one of the most experienced figures in Spanish fashion and with a career that stands out for its coherence and solidity, now designs for Shom, the new Baby Essentials brand, developing a wide collection of childcare products.

Our brands

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